2 May 2016: It’s International Day Against DRM.

It’s a day to spread the word about the harms of DRM, to both consumers and cultures.

It’s also a day to celebrate. Packt Publishing and O’Reilly Media, both celebrated for publishing ebooks free from DRM, are offering steep discounts today in celebration of Day Against DRM.

Generally, this means all ebooks at Packt Pub are $10, while all DRM-free media from O’Reilly is 50% - 60% off (depending on your purchase total).

Specifically, this means that my first book for Packt Pub, Learning Proxmox VE is available for as low as $10 at Packt’s site. It’s also available from O’Reilly at http://shop.oreilly.com/product/9781783981786.do.

Learning Proxmox VE covers Proxmox 4. Although 4.2 was released just a few days ago, Learning Proxmox VE is still current.

Have a look.

Authors against DRM

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