As broadly as I’ve sought out Proxmox VE sources on the Web, you’d think I’d have noticed this earlier: there doesn’t seem to be any user interface tours that work in the browser. If it’s true, it seemed, at least at 3 am, that this should be remedied.

This morning, as I revamped Chapter 3 of Learning Proxmox VE, I figured it would be a healthy distraction to put such a tour online.

It’ll be a while before I give it the time it deserves – at which point it’ll move to a PVE dedicated domain.

In the meantime however, I’ve put a rudimentary beginning up here and still seem to be tinkering with it 8 hours later. I suppose I’ll let it rest until the final revision of Chapter 3 is submitted.

PVE UI Thumbnail

Click below to check in on it.

Proxmox VE Interface Tour (4.1)