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2016-01-27 Digital Imaging

Last Summer, I spent a lot of time tinkering with Google’s Symptom, artificial neural network’s so called DeepDream images. My goal was create a script that scraped images from a given tumblr, process them uniformly with Imagemagick, and then pass them through a couple of deepdream filters. I had found a recipe I liked, and enjoyed seeing it work with consistent success for any set of images I scraped.




Pathology and the Pedagogy of the Hacker Class


It’s been 25 years since a high-school junior known as The Mentor published an essay, soon after his arrest, that quickly became dubbed “The Hacker Manifesto.” The 500 word document, “The Conscience of a Hacker,” profiles the mind of the hacker without relying on wrecked Oedipuses, foreclosed or repressed traumas, negligent or conflicted upbringings, social or ideological conflicts, or economic privilege.


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Rik Goldman

A system administrator. A director of technology. An author. An advanced computing teacher.

In no order: social and economic justice; equity; digital humanities & humanities computing; education technology; electronic literature; critical pedagogy; free software & open source software; critical theory; virtualization, live music, DIY culture, punk cultures, open culture & intellectual property reform, stage photography.