A Cyberpunk Manifesto v2.0 (Christian As. Kirtchev, 2003)

January 28, 2003

We are those with analog/digitalized soul. Cyberpunks. This is to be A second manifestation.


We are the neo men. Those new species of homosapiens, that were meant to be born at this age. The way we feel the world, includes the cyberspace as natural. Our first breath take in this world, at the moment of our birth, consisted the dense of electricity flow in wires, the machinery buzz surrounding the place, the data vibrations on information high-ways on air and cable. The way we take technology equals the way others take food, water and air. The data-space it self is the extra element of our environment. But we are that mutation, which is not only ordinary presense of technological tools. Everybody can learn and become to understand technology and new technology, but we are those, who have got it naturally. We are those that see reality in a different way. Our point of view shows more than ordinary people can see. They see only what is outside, but we see what is inside. That’s what we are - realists with the glasses of dreamers. The way we think and look out to the environment, the blood that rushes through our veins, the air that fizzles in our brains - it is that mutation that distinguish us from others. Being a net-head, a technological-geek, computer nerd is not it, that’s a sign. We are new; every and each area of the new being is something we take as homely and familiar. We know history and we know it is dead crawling for life. A Cyberpunk is just a label word, the content inside is us - the man and women who are different, most of us are out of understanding. You can call us crazy, mad, insane, strange, weirdos - that is the most close word in your dictionary to cover what you think of something never manifested before. Most of today’s world is meeting a serious change. Some are sticking with the ruins, some are moving ahead letting go of the past. Society, which still does not want to refresh its self, have found the stability of its existence in the old-approved ways of accepting the ordinary and known. But we are none of them. Cyberpunks will always be refreshing. And even those who claim that Cyberpunk is dead, will be just the ones that can not see it reborn in the new wave of discoveries. You can’t say that evolution has stopped, or can you ? “Cyberpunks”, we are that evolving part. The rebel, who fights for its own survival. And we believe in our strength, because our advantage is that of understanding new phenomenas, which are unclear to the rest, but part of our being.


In times people did need someone to follow, that someone found it out to be easy to gain profit out of the controlled society and that someone begun to control with dirty tricks, getting away with it, because being the only authority, the controlling System was invincible. Society now remains under control and somelike enjoys it. Society denies us, because we are far more dangerous to their utopia, than the governments are. We do not belong to those society masses.

The System

The System. Centuries-old, existing on principles that hang no more today. A System that has not changed much since the day of its birth. The system is what controls you. That is the government, consisted of people who live separately from the social masses. Governments have not changed since the birth of social living in human beings. On the other hand the control is with corporations and there is a question who actually has the control. Is it the corporations who control the governments or they are both the same bureau ? However the system is what needs food and support to exist, that support is given by the masses of society, which are like hypnotized when coming to trust someone to have control over the personal life of each member of them. That support comes by, when the system shoots lies to the social mass. Lies are the truths they want us to believe in. The System must impose its truth upon us so that it can rule. The government needs us follow it blindly. Not only the governments, but the corporations, they dictate fashion styles, food choice and medication prices. They both, Governments and corporations are what the System is. A set of rules, filled in by the media. Only a blind and deaf would grant control over his life to someone, who’s greed for money and power is covered by impression of Care, Support, Security and Stability. The system is afraid of chaos, but chaos is just the way they call the possibility of free choice. Where decentralized - people would be able to do better trough.

The Media

Television, radio and press is no longer the only source of information for the seeking man or for the sleeping one. The Internet is the new mediaspace, a space where information can be spread freely and therefore no one is living in informational eclipse now. Even where governments and businesses are trying to set restrictions and control over data flow - there are ways to gather that information, which can ‘enlight’. And Information still remains power. We are witnessing the actual growth of our race. No longer informational barriers block the real potential sight and now people can demand more rights. Scientists are making discoveries, which when made public can no longer be so easily blocked for commercial or governmental use. Sad is when people stomped down are willingness to demand what is granted to them. Now the media can awake people, transform societies. The media however have proven to be false or misleading, which confuses in truth filtering, that just rises Information’s price.

Where are we?

We are those whose DNA is starting to form a new sight and sense - which will allow the future generations to comprehend cyberspace, the data-space. No heavy or implanted hardware devices will be able to fully replace what the nature is giving us. Mutations are taking place. The evolution granted us with a better set of tools to interact with the environmental changes. That is why we are Cyberpunks, neo human, electronic minds. We know that the Cyberspace is a mirror world, an enhancement, which hosts all past and present creations of man. The cyberspace is that invisible world where, human minds and thoughts merge with matter and takes form visible to the senses, through machines. The cyberspace seems like it always have existed there, here, everywhere - but only now we are making connections and discovering it - we are beginning to change. Cyberpunks - we are those who live in cyberspace and using the current technology is only the vessel to bring us on the other side.

We are the altered new race. Cyberpunks.

This is to be A second manifestation.