A hearty congratulations (and thanks) thanks to Tim Bielawa, whose first book, The Linux Sysadmin’ Guide to Virtual Disks was released earlier this month.

Tim’s book is the first of it’s kind, covering just about everything you need to know about the most widely-used virtual disk formats in a single text.

From http://scribeguides.com:

The Linux Sysadmin’s Guide to Virtual Disks demonstrates the core concepts of virtual disk management. Real-world problems are covered in the book’s “Cookbook” section. Other topics include: helper utilities, disk formats, troubleshooting tips, performance considerations, and comprehensive appendices.

Tremendous effort meticulously invested in this text. Thankfully, Bielawa, a developer at RedHat and fellow WVU alum, made a draft of the work in progress available while I was writing Learning Proxmox VE for Packt Publishing; it had a tremendous effect on the outcome of my chapter on virtual disks.

  • Purchase the book from Lulu for a modest $10 to support Bielewa’s efforts.
  • The book is also available electronically from Tim’s new imprint, Scribeguides, at http://scribeguides.com.