Well, had an opportunity to prepare and test for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. I felt good going in, but my spirit sank as a started poking around the questions.

I ended up doing fine. Better than I had hoped, considering test anxiety. Here’s stuff the preparation cohort I had access to didn’t get preparation for:

  • AWS CodeCommit
  • Well Architected Tool
  • Exact wording of the components of each pillar of Well Architected Cloud
  • Set up alerts about changes to privileges and services: without CloudTrail
  • What service(s) can be used so apps can authenticate?
  • Is there a fastest service for migrating data at a petabytes scale to S3 or other storage service?

The question I don’t have an answer to is probably the biggest one you need to know the answer to: what will you do with this certification if you pass?