The next authorized Proxmox VE training event is scheduled for mid November, 2016 in downtown Washington, DC. The following packages are available:

  • Proxmox VE Installation and Administration (November 14-15)
  • Proxmox VE Advanced (November 16-17)
  • Proxmox Virtualization Training Bundle (includes both courses for a discounted price): November 14th-17th.

Proxmox VE Logo, "Proxmox VE"

Eager to attend, but can’t make this schedule work? Contact me about in-house training or consider setting aside time in January (23rd-26th) for the next training event.

I am so very pleased to be able to say that the authorized Proxmox VE trainings being offered in the US since August have been going phenomenally well. The feedback has been both positive and helpful. Participants seem particularly pleased with the collaborative learning styles and strategies that structure the training.

I note, of course, that Proxmox Server Solutions released version 4.3 of Proxmox VE on September 28.

Naturally, these training events will provide support for this newest release.

If you’d like to learn more, please visit us at our site, where you’ll find a schedule of upcoming training events, syllabi, details about each event, registration forms, and of course contact information.

If you’d like to make direct contact, you can reach me at or by phone at 202-431-8545.

In House Training

I want to be sure that I’m clear that in-house training is available for teams looking to work with Proxmox virtualization. In-house training can be customized and manipulated so they serve the needs of your teams.

I offer in-house training for precisely those situations wherein more than two people in an organization are ready to harness everything that Proxmox VE has to offer: the in-house training is provided to save your organization travel expenses.

As of now, October and most of December are wide open. Please contact me if you’d like to learn more or arrange in-house training for your team.